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We provide customized immersive experiences which include:
  • Entertainment
  • Production
  • Creative Design
  • Event Management
  • Corporate Events/Team Building
  • Escape Rooms with Brand Integration 
  • Customized Packages

The Ultimate Immersive Experience

Immersive Concepts & Brand Integration

MOXIE Luxe works with luxury brands who are ready to take their marketing/branding to the next level and are looking for cutting edge concepts. MOXIE specializes in creating customized immersive experiences for specific target markets. We develop a comprehensive plan around the brand we are working with and create immersive experiences to execute it. When we set a theme, we produce it as a full sensory experience, one where you not only see what’s happening around you. You also touch, taste, hear and smell it. It’s within these experiences that guests/customers are educated about the brand on conscious and sub-conscience levels.

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    Run Time: Roughly 2 hours without intermission Ticket Price: Starting at $45 for regular tickets; $65 for VIP. Prices vary by date […]

  • The Nutcracker Circus<br>A Winter’s Dream

    The Nutcracker Circus
    A Winter’s Dream

    MOTH Poetic Circus Presents The Nutcracker Circus: A Winter’s Dream December 9th – Newman Center for Performing Arts   The […]

  • Cinema: Circus in<br>Black & White

    Cinema: Circus in
    Black & White

    MOTH Poetic Circus Presents Cinema: Circus in Black & White June 4th – Newman Center for Performing Arts Cinema: Circus […]

  • L’Electrique <br>Dollhouse Circus

    Dollhouse Circus

    MOTH Circus and Mahesh Presents are proud to announce the musical performers for L’Electrique Dollhouse Circus. L’Electrique Dollhouse Circus is […]

  • DJ J’Adore <br>Saturday Night Dance Party

    DJ J’Adore
    Saturday Night Dance Party

    Denver’s best local DJ provides an epic night of music and dancing with VIP & Bottle Service every Saturday night […]

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